ICSS Superintendent,  Dr. Thad Clayton,  and Lance, Athletic Trainer of OrthoGeorgia
Lance, an athletic trainer, for OrthoGeorgia, the center for comprehensive orthopaedic care in the Heart of Georgia, is helping the Irwin County Indians today as they prep for the championship game tonight at Center Parc Stadium in Atlanta. 

OrthoGeorgia is proud to have Sports Medicine Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeons who are committed to the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of all athletic injuries, whether they happen on an organized sports field, at the workplace, or in your own backyard.

OrthoGeorgia is located in Macon, Georgia, and also has other locations in Central Georgia.  

Thank you, Lance and OrthoGeorgia!!! GO INDIANS!!! #weareirwin #Orthoga