ICHS/ICMS Cross Country Meet

Irwin was represented in all 4 races. Due to a few having to be out for various reasons, including homecoming, only 1 of our 4 teams qualified for the team competition. All other runners represented Irwin as individuals in their races

For the Male 5k (3.1 miles), Caleb Paulk, Kyce Nyberg, and Casey Collins represented Irwin Co. well. They were able to beat their personal best times. There were 78 runners in the race. We competed against schools with big cross country teams who run year round, and have lots of experience. All of our guys finished above the last place. 

In the Female 5k (3.1 miles), two of our ladies were able to run. There were 45 runners in the event. Kynnedy Robinson finished in 15th place. Marlee Hamilton finished in 38th. Some runners got off course a little bit, due to the conflicting and crossing over routes of the middle school course. 

In the Middle School Male race (2 miles), Irwin's sole runner, Jacob Cobb, raced against 76 other competitors. He was able to get a personal best time, as well as, ranking 54th at the meet. 

In the Middle School Female race (2 miles), our complete girl's team consisted of: Chloe Ruelas, Karina Gomez, Eva Raffield, Amelie Mouser, Lilly Hutto, Chloe Jenkins, and Hayleigh Brown. In the Middle School girls race, there were 81 competitors and 6 qualifying teams. Our girls finished in 5th place.  Out of all teams, they all placed above the last place finisher. 

Seventh Grader, Chloe Ruelas, who competed in the Middle School Race, was able to come in 7th place overall and was awarded with a ribbon. All runners who placed 1st-3rd received medals and 4th-10th received ribbons. Each 1st place team received a trophy. 

Good Job to the Irwin County Cross Country Team. They will compete in the Red Devil Classic in Hawkinsville next week on Sept 16th.

Congratulations, runners!  Go Indians!!!