Connor Paulk Wins FLEX Competition

Congratulations to Connor Paulk of Paulk’s Produce on winning the Georgia State FLEX competition. We are so happy for you!!!!  Connor is an ICHS 11th grader and is the son of Chris and Dana Paulk.  Connor is the first state FLEX winner in Georgia.  He was recently recognized at the Irwin County Board of Education Meeting for his outstanding accomplishments and for his drive of starting his own business.  

Connor previously won $5, 000 for winning the region FLEX competition and won $10, 000 for winning the state competition.  Connor also was awarded a $1, 5000 scholarship to ABAC and a $1, 000 Wiregrass Foundation Scholarship.  Connor's advisors and .mentors are ICHS Ag teacher and CTAE Director,  Ms. Shayla Johnson, and Young Farmer's instructor, Mr. Wesley Paulk.  ICHS Principal, Jared Luke, also attended the FLEX competitions in support of Connor. Way to go, Connor!  Irwin County Schools is super proud of you!