Important Notice Regarding Sports Physicals:

Physicals will be...  Wed., April 10 - 8:30-12:00. We plan to have all physicals done by 12:00.

Physicals are for any student (grades 6-11) that would like to participate in ICHS/ICMS athletics. There has been some confusion, the physicals are NOT for existing athletes only...but any student that would like to participate in Irwin athletics.  

If a Student brings a completed/signed physical form.... They should put it in the box labeled "Completed Physical Forms" in Sandy McClurd's office.  

Previous Information:

Any physical done prior to 1/26/2011 may be signed by either a Physician's Assistant or a Nurse Practitioner.

AFTER 1/26/11, physicals may be signed ONLY by an MD or a DO. It MAY be stamped by the doctor, if it is in script, not block, AND the doctor's name and info are elsewhere on the form.

A nurse, pa, np, etc., may do the physical, but the MD or DO must SIGN or stamp it.

Any physicals that do not conform to this requirement will be returned to the student and that student may not practice/tryout/play/whatever UNTIL the acceptable physical has been done and the paperwork has been submitted to Mrs. Kebo.

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